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Preventative Maintenance Program for Well Pump Service in New Jersey

Well Pressure Tank - Well Pump Service

If you have a private water well system it is important to maintain it with routine well pump service. The best way to save money to to solve problems when they are small, rather than letting issues go on to become large  and expensive problems. When a preventative maintenance program is regularly performed on your…

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Special Offer for Well Pump System Tune-Up

It’s important to perform regular maintenance on your well pump system to keep it running in top condition. As a special offer, we will provide maintenance to your well pump system for only $150 + tax! Here is what we can offer you: Install a brand-new pressure switch Install a brand-new pressure gauge Optimize your…

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Removing Water Well Poly Pipe

Often times when working on a well pump system it is necessary to remove the pipe and well pump from the well casing. In some cases, using an Up-Z-Dazy with custom made platform is perfect set up for the job. In the pictures below, you can see an example of a job where we had…

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About Groundwater

About Groundwater What is Groundwater? Groundwater is the water that soaks into the soil from rain or other precipitation and moves downward to fill cracks and other openings in beds of rocks and sand. It is, therefore, a renewable resource, although renewal rates vary greatly according to environmental conditions. It also is an abundant natural…

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Jet Pump Installation in Washington Township, NJ

Doing jobs for commercial establishments is very common for Lakeland Water Pump Company. The Totten Family Farm in Long Valley, NJ needed a jet pump installation in the farm house as well as 3,000 feet of underground waterlines with 2 dozen hydrants for livestock. We were happy to help them and get their water flowing!…

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Well Pump Low Pressure Problem

There are several issues that can cause a Well Pump Low Pressure Problem with water flow in your home. Below is a list of concerns to look for before you call a professional for well pump service. If there low volume at one source or entire house (testing by running tub faucet) If you have…

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Well Not Pumping Water

Is your well not pumping water into your house?  There are several issues that can cause you to have no water in the house. Below is a list of concerns to look for before you call a well pump professional. Is the well pump starting up and immediately kicking off? Is the well pump going…

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Reasons for Pressure Switch Chatter

Pressure switch too far from tank.  Maximum distance is 3-4 feet, greater distance will cause pressure fluctuations between the tank and the switch Undersized pipe from pump to tank Too many fittings or valves Tank water logged (bladder inside has hole) Pressure switch drift, Spring tension in switch failing Low voltage (Incoming) Pipe corrosion (diameter…

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Well Pump Short Cycling

Short cycling of a well pump is a fairly common problem.  One of the most common causes of well pump short cycling is a loss of air charge in your well pressure tank.  If the bladder becomes damaged it fails to hold pressure properly and the result is a the pump going on-off, on-off. When…

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