• Pressure switch too far from tank.  Maximum distance is 3-4 feet, greater distance will cause pressure fluctuations between the tank and the switch
  • Undersized pipe from pump to tank
  • Too many fittings or valves
  • Tank water logged (bladder inside has hole)
  • Pressure switch drift, Spring tension in switch failing
  • Low voltage (Incoming)
  • Pipe corrosion (diameter restriction)
  • Burnt contacts in pressure switch
  • High static level in well
  • Loose wire connection
  • Leaking check valve
  • Differing style valves used in the system
  • Flapper check valve used instead of Spring style
  • Multiple Tanks with a pressure switch not centrally located to all tanks
  • Verify Tank Pressure (without water) 2lbs less than cut-in pressure
  • Jet Pumps only: check points on motor and tubing on switch
  • Check direction of flow to ensure tank is filling before supplying water to house (no “t” before tank)
Reasons for Pressure Switch Chatter
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