A well pump is a critical piece of water well systems. When your system functions properly, you hardly notice it. When your well water system fails though, Lakeland Water Pump restores water flow quickly.

There are two main types of well pumps that a homeowner will typically have, a submersible well pump and a jet pump. The style of well pump that you have usually depends on the depth of your well.  Call Lakeland Water Pump Company for you well pump repair needs!

Submersible Well Pump

Submersible Well PumpFor wells where the ground water is about 25 feet or more in depth, a submersible pump system is usually used. A submersible well water pump is mounted inside of the well casing and it is characterized by a long cylindrical shape.






Jet Pump

Jet PumpFor wells where the ground water is 25 feet or less in depth, a shallow well jet pump system is usually used. This would be indicated by a single line coming out of the front of the pump.  For deep well jet pumps that require two lines coming out of the front, general application would for wells deeper than 25 feet in depth, averaging about 80 feet for a half horsepower, but can be used of depths exceeding that.  Jet pumps are mounted above the well, either in the home or in a well house and draw the water up from the well through suction.






Pump Installer

Regardless of the type of water well pumps, Lakeland Water Pump Company has the expertise to provide well pump repair for all needs and types of well pumps.  Since 1978, Alan of Lakeland Water Pump Company has been providing well pump replacement for homeowners in New Jersey.

Well Pump Repair

When you have problems with your water well pump you want to hire someone you can trust.  If your well pump has failed, you need competent help from someone that won’t drive up your well pump replacement cost.  You deserve to have quality parts with minimal labor so the problem is solved without breaking your budget.

Lakeland Water Pump Company uses only the best quality well pumps for long lasting repairs that save you money and give you peace of mind.  Contact us today!

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