Well Not Pumping Water

Is your well not pumping water into your house?  There are several issues that can cause you to have no water in the house. Below is a list of concerns to look for before you call a well pump professional.

  • Is the well pump starting up and immediately kicking off?
  • Is the well pump going on-off, on-off?
  • Is there clicking or chattering at pressure switch?
  • Is pump coming up to pressure, shutting off and immediately losing pressure with no water usage (watch pressure gauge dial)?
  • Is your well not pumping water after power outage?
The answers to these questions can help determine your particular well pump problems.  In some cases we can advise you by phone how you can restore your water flow yourself.

Are you experiencing a complete power outage?

  1. Check circuit breaker for power (turn breaker off and on to reset-sometimes doesn’t show completely tripped)
  2. Check for buzzing or chattering from control box relay or capacitor
  3. Check pressure gauge (clock like dial at your pressure tank) what number does it read
  4. Turn on faucet to check gauge for proper functioning (needle indicator should go lower)

If your well is not pumping water, give us a call and we will provide you with emergency well pump service.

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