Well Pressure Tank Repair or Replacement

A Well Pressure Tank is a critical piece of water well systems. When your system functions properly, you hardly notice it. When you well water system fails though, Lakeland Water Pump restores water flow quickly.

Inside of a water pressure tank is an air bladder that becomes compressed as the water is pumped into the tank. The pressure in the tank is what moves the water through the house plumbing system.  Many times problems with a water well system are the result of a failure of pressure tanks.

Lakeland Water Pump Company of New Jersey is a specialist in water well pressure tank troubleshooting and repairing well water pressure tank problems of all sorts.  Your pressurized water tank is an important part of your well water system and keeping it in proper working order is critical to keeping your well water flowing.

Water Pressure Tanks

Water pressure tanks for your well are a critical component and detecting problems early can save you money.  If your pump is cycling often, then you may have a problem with your well pressure tank.  Replacement of the pressure tank for well problems is often the solution and addressing it sooner, rather than later, may very well save you from replacing even more parts.

Water well pressure tank and manifold concerns:

  • Pump cycles each time you draw a glass of water or flush the toilet
  • Pump will short cycle (on/off/on/off) when bladder style tank bladder has ruptured
  • Pump will short cycle if an air over water tank has lost its air charge-Replace air volume control to avoid further damage
  • Leaking water from base of unit or seams
  • Bad points when chattering or constant clicking at pressure switch-if not repaired will damage pump & control box
  • Bad pressure gauge (small dial) when indicator doesn’t move-replace to monitor systems functions
Well Pressure Tank diagram

Water Well Tank

Your water well pressure tank is too important to ignore so if you think you may have a problem, call us and we will make sure your water flow protected.  Contact Lakeland Water Pump Company if you need service for your well pump pressure tank.

Well Tank Issues:

  • Water logged tank causing constant running of pump
  • Short cycling causing damaged to pressure switch, controls and pump
  • Upgrade to larger tank (improve performance)
Well-X-Trol well tanks by Amtrol

Well X Trol Pressure Tank

Lakeland Water Pump Company uses Well X Trol tanks for their superior quality and 7 Year Warranty.  We insist on economy with quality and Amtrol has developed pressure tanks for wells that have revolutionized the industry. A Well X Trol tank is a quality solution.

Are you in need of well pressure tank replacement in the Sussex County, Warren County or Morris County area of NJ?  Contact Lakeland Water Pump Company now!

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