Prompt Service

Review from RuthI thank you for your prompt response to my water well-pump problem.  Also that you came well equipped with pumps and tools.  It certainly was hard labor.  I had no idea how involved such a well-pump replacement is!  One would hope that in the future other methods can be found to make such a replacement and the original installment simpler and less cumbersome.  It could not be helped that you had to work through high snow several times.  I’m just glad it was not severely cold and the sun was out.

Thank you!
Ruth Benza, March 9, 2010


My family and I have used Lakeland Water Pump since 1979 for replacing and servicing the three main pumps on our property.   In 1990,  we had a new pump and water tank installed in the main house as my mother was having dialysis treatments.  Alan installed pressure gauges upstairs as well, as this was quite literally a matter of life and death.

Several years ago,  we thought there was a problem with the pump which Alan discovered was actually a plumbing issue which he then solved.  He seems to know a great deal about pumps of all ages,  sizes and purposes.  He is quite comfortable with our very old house and solves our problems very quickly.

After the flooding of Hurricane Irene,  he was the first person to show up and help us restore all that had been tossed and torn in the basement.  I was so very grateful for his prompt and courteous assistance.  We have always been grateful for his ability to problem-solve very quickly and his welcomed help to us throughout these many years.

Mary R.