Well Pump Low Pressure Problem

There are several issues that can cause a Well Pump Low Pressure Problem with water flow in your home. Below is a list of concerns to look for before you call a professional for well pump service.

  • If there low volume at one source or entire house (testing by running tub faucet)
  • If you have a sediment filter, bypass it to check for blockage and/or change it
  • If you have a water softener, bypass it to check for blockage
  • Check faucet aerator screens for debris
  • Check all toilets for leaking by at the flapper inside the tank (you’d hear water continually running)
  • Isolate (shut off) valve on water line between tank and house to check for underground leak or water running back down well due to hole in pipe or defective check valve (watch pressure gauge)

If your well pump has a low pressure problem, give us a call and we will provide you with emergency well pump service.

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