Raise Well Casing Cap

  • raising_casing_for_submersible_pump_-_1
    Located buried well head
  • raising_casing_for_submersible_pump_-_2
    Extending the well casing
  • raising_casing_for_submersible_pump_-_3
    Case extended with sanitary cap installed
  • raising_casing_for_submersible_pump_-_4
    Completed well head extension with sanitary cap
  • locating_and_preparing_to_raise_casing_for_deep_well_jet_-_1
    Locating buried well head
  • locating_and_preparing_to_raise_casing_for_deep_well_jet_-_2
    Excavating the well head site
  • locating_and_preparing_to_raise_casing_for_deep_well_jet_-_3
    Excavating the well head site
  • locating_and_preparing_to_raise_casing_for_deep_well_jet_-_4
    Excavating the well head site
  • raising_casing_for_deep_well_jet_-_5
    Preparing the casing extension
  • raising_casing_for_deep_well_jet_-_6
    Installed fittings on new casing
  • raising_casing_for_deep_well_jet_-_7
    Installed fittings on new casing
  • raising_casing_for_deep_well_jet_-_9
    Back filling the raised casing
Raise Well Cap Before

Before: An underground well cap, prone to contaminants and other problems.

Raise Well Cap After

After: The well cap has been raised with a sanitary cap installed.