Water Well Services

No water? Low water pressure? There are several issues that can cause a loss of water in your home. Luckily, Lakeland Water Pump Co. is here to help. We provide comprehensive water well services to Northern New Jersey. Get in contact with us today to quickly and affordably restore your water flow!

Well Pump Services

When you have problems with your water well pump you want to hire someone you can trust. If your well pump has failed, you need competent help from someone that won’t drive up your well pump replacement cost. You deserve to have quality parts with minimal labor so the problem is solved without breaking your budget.

Lakeland Water Pump Company uses only the best quality well pumps for long lasting repairs that save you money and give you peace of mind.

Well Tank Services

Lakeland Water Pump Company of New Jersey is a specialist in water well pressure tank troubleshooting and repairing well water pressure tank problems of all sorts.  Your pressurized water tank is an important part of your well water system and keeping it in proper working order is critical to keeping your well water flowing.

Well Chlorination

Generally speaking, groundwater from a water well is safe and potable. The soil acts as the filter, which prevents microorganisms from infiltrating the water supply and causing disease. However, the water supply can be contaminated due to a variety of factors. To prevent health problems resulting from contamination, it is essential to employ a water well treatment system.

Lightning Insurance Claims

Why hire Lakeland Water Pump Co?

  • We troubleshoot water systems
  • We install all major brands of pumps
  • We locate well heads
  • We raise well casing caps


Why is Lakeland Water Pump Co better?

  • We have a fully stocked boom truck
  • We use Well-X-Trol Tanks
  • We have 7 day service
  • We have within the hour service

Locating Well Head

When you have a buried water well that needs service, we have the tools and experience to find it. We can locate your underground well head quickly, allowing us to get to work right away.

Lakeland Water Pump Co. - Locate Underground Wellhead

Raising Well Casing

Once your well head is located, we can work on adding a permanent extension to it. This will make sure the well head is visible and properly sealed, ensuring a cleaner well and easier future maintenance.

Lakeland Water Pump Co. - Buried Water Well
Lakeland Water Pump Co. - Well Pump Repairs

Sanitary Well Cap Installation

Protecting the well water with a sanitary well cap is important because it keeps pests and contaminants out of your water supply.

Lakeland Water Pump Co. - Well Pump Repair

Areas We Serve in Morris County

  • Boonton, NJ
  • Budd Lake, NJ
  • Chester, NJ
  • Denville, NJ
  • Flanders, NJ
  • Hibernia, NJ
  • Ironia, NJ
  • Jefferson Twsp, NJ
  • Kinnelon, NJ
  • Long Valley, NJ
  • Mendham, NJ
  • Montville, NJ
  • Morris Township, NJ
  • Mount Freedom, NJ
  • Mount Olive Twsp, NJ
  • Randolph, NJ
  • Rockaway, NJ
  • Roxbury, NJ
  • Towaco, NJ
  • Washington Twsp, NJ

Areas We Serve in Sussex County

  • Andover Twsp, NJ
  • Byram Twsp, NJ
  • Green Twsp, NJ
  • Hopatcong, NJ
  • Lafayette Twsp, NJ
  • Lake Hopatcong, NJ
  • Sparta Twsp, NJ
  • Stillwater Twsp, NJ

Areas We Serve in Warren County

  • Blairstown, NJ
  • Great Meadows, NJ
  • Hackettstown, NJ
  • Hope, NJ
  • Knowlton Twsp
  • Liberty Twsp
  • Washington Twsp