Submersible Pump Replacement

Thank You from Armand

“I’m in California and my renters in NJ called one evening to say they had no water. Alan was there by 7:30 the next morning and had the water back up and running by mid morning! He had installed a pump and tank many years ago for my father so when there was a water problem, I automatically called him. The well is 400 feet deep so not just anyone can do this job. Lakeland has the right equipment, notably a boom truck that can pull 400 feet of pipe, and with 30+ years of experience, Alan the owner is the best man for the job.

The tenants left the back door unlocked when they left for work in the morning and by the time they came home, they had water, which was a huge relief to them as well as us, since we are out of state and need to rely on someone else to restore water! Alan is completely honest and trustworthy and we are grateful to have him as a resource and would highly recommend using Lakeland Water Pump!”

-Armand Plasencia