Pressure Switch

Well Pump Pressure Switch A well pump pressure switch is a type of switch that activates when a certain amount of pressure has been reached on it’s input. In a household well water system, this means that your well pump will automatically turn on when the psi of your well pressure tank drops too low.  The pressure switch is a key part of your well pump control system.

Well Pump Control Box

Well Pump Control BoxThe control box is an integral part of a submersible well pump power system.   Your well pump control box connects, protects and controls the well pump and pressure switch.

Pump controls regulate source production to maintain adequate flow rates and water pressures. Water systems adjust their well control systems to maintain a minimum water pressure as well as an adequate water level in your well pressure tank.

When the pressure switch for your well pressure tank detects low water pressure, the switch closes, which turns on the electricity to the well pump control box.  Once the water pressure reaches the pressure switch’s high-pressure limit, the switch opens, turning off the electricity.

Well pumps with a control box have start and run circuits. During start-up, the  well pump control will send power to the well pump through the start circuit. Once the well pump reaches operational speed, the control box switches the electrical feed to the run circuit.

Your well pump specialist will need to access your  control box for well pump inspections and repairs.