Hand Pump Installation in Lake Rogerene

Hand Pump Installation in Lake Rogerene, NJ“Alan recently performed needed work on my private water supply system at my summer home in Lake Rogerene which I was extremely grateful for.  As a summer place you need certain essentials and so when we arrived for a stay one weekend we found that our well pump system was failing.  Alan responded in prompt fashion after my call and my water lines were running soon thereafter after diagnostics and pump replacement.  After some discussion, I decided to install a sediment filter and to also restore an outside rustic hand pump at the well head which was removed some 40 years ago.  Alan made the installations during the work week when we were away and I felt very comfortable in entrusting him with  the house entry key so he could make the filter installation.  The handpump is a now a great novelty and  experience for our grandkids for it gave us the opportunity to show them how water was obtained in the not so distant past by the previous home owner.  And they can get water if there is a power outage which happens somewhat frequently.  We thank Alan for his promptness, reliability, professionalism and extensive knowledge,  not to mention his cost consciousness in testing our system, replacing the pump and reintroducing us to the hand pump.  Alan has been there for us over the past 35 years and we recommend him highly to service water systems.”

-Karl Rubenacker,

Lake Rogerene, NJ