Disinfect Well

Disinfecting your well with chlorine is a great way to ensure your drinking water is safe and potable.

disinfecting well water with chlorine pellets after pump work has been finishedTreatment of Well Water

Generally speaking, groundwater from a water well is safe and potable. The soil acts as the filter, which prevents microorganisms from infiltrating the water supply and causing disease. However, the water supply can be contaminated due to a variety of factors. To prevent health problems resulting from contamination, it is essential to employ a water well treatment system.

Importance of a Well Disinfection

According to recent statistical data, around 15% of Americans or roughly 43 million, are sourcing their drinking water from underground wells. Treatment of well water is essential because it gets rid of contaminants. Through a careful process, the water becomes clean and safe for consumption. Some people might think their drinking water is safe because they haven’t gotten sick from it. However, it is important to keep in mind that many of the diseases from drinking contaminated water will not show symptoms immediately. Some of them can take years before they develop. Having clean water to drink is essential to life. Proper treatment of well water will contribute to the health and safety of you and your family.

Chlorination of Well Water

Among the possible choices, one of the most popular and effective is the chlorination of well water. Chlorine eliminates the bacteria that is found in the water. When chlorinating a well, one must be aware of the proper amount to use. Using the right amount of chlorine will depend on the specific dimensions or depth of the well to be treated. Well water treatment will only deliver effective and safe results if executed properly.

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Disinfecting Well Water

Rutgers Cooperative Research & Extension, NJAES, Rutgers and The State University of New Jersey have produced an excellent document for learning more about disinfecting well water:

Directions for Disinfecting a Home Well in New Jersey

To identify requirements and best practices for the installation of ground water source taps, the state of New Jersey has issue the following document:

Ground Water Source Water Tap Installation and Sampling for Public Water Systems

Lakeland Water Pump Company can install your tap to comply with the recent location change of ground water source taps by the state of New Jersey.

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